Creative Line Studio of Ceramics Art and Design.

We are Gergana Mutafchieva Gabriel Peev and we have worked in the ceramic art and ceramic design area. We are graduated National Academy of Art, major Design of porcelain and glass. We making limited editions design products from porcelain that we called concept design. Most important for us is the idea without changing functionality. However, we work with other materials such as glass, metal, fiberglass, etc.

We have experience with making tiling for exterior and interior like decorative murals, wall ceramics, ceramic tiles for fireplaces and spa, building altars through ceramic elements as well.

Also, we produce models, molds, mother molds /reproduction of molds/ from plaster, and making prints, models and molds from silicone, resin, wax.

We have participation in different initiatives and variety of completed projects. The studio participate in Bulgarian and international fairs, festivals, exhibitions. We have award from Glass Industry Novi Bor, Czech Republic. We are member of CHERGA - Bulgarian Design Group.



Creative Line Studio have collaboration with Bulgarian and international ateliers and manufacturers of ceramic and design products.



2002 - Ceramic Chapel, Pirogov Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria

2003 - Ceramic Chapel, Saint Ivan Rilski Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria

2004 - International Symposium of Glass, Novi Bor. Czech Republic

2005 - Ceramic Chapel, Balanovo, Bulgaria

2008 - Wall Ceramics, Spa Hotel, Varna, Bulgaria

2009 - Exhibition Design, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 - Attempt at Concept, conceptual objrcts

2011 - SIHRE, Inter Expo Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria

2012 - Transform, Solun, Greece

2012 Biennale Friends of the Sea, Burgas, Bulgaria

2012 International Festival of Glass, Glass Heap Challenge, Stourbridge, United Kingdom

2012 - Glass Heap Challenge, Vitra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2013 - Cultural Salons, Grand Hotel Pomorie, Bulgaria

2014 - Recycle Art: Nuts from recycle glass

2015 - Wall Decoration Flowers, Sofia, Bulgaria

2015 - Fusion Art Fest, Underground Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2015, 2016 - The World of Furniture, Inter Expo Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria

2016 - HOMI Milan, Italy

2016 - Product design for Hacienda Fashion Corner, Lozenec, Bulgaria

2017 - Bulgarian Design 2017, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria

2017 - Pipalati - ceramic objects and photography, Underground Gallery/Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria

Exhibition and Projects

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Gergana Mutafchieva

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Gabriel Peev

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1784 Sofia, Bulgaria

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